Two games away…from Our Goal..

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Latest news

RadiO..Our Number 1 supporter

The WILDCATS set out to make good things happen this year. We had a good look at ourselves and decided to celebrate again some of the values that make us a team. SO with that in mind, we got about the task of taking our opponents with a sense of humility each week and to play like a family. These were two things that made us what we are. We are WILDCATS..We are family. We play for each other and none is more or less. What other team in the comp has the “Coach Boon” speeches at half time from our very own “Coach Boon”! We don’t have superstars in our team, just brothers and friends that play for each other. This is what it means to be a WILDCAT.

SO with that in mind, we have stepped through each week and each game and have managed to go a season undefeated. Not that that means anything now because now it is do or die. We face a determined Tamaki Lightning, who were one of the few teams able to score twice on us. We will not take them lightly and have trained well this week and hard to ensure that we approach the game this week with the right attitude. After last years debacle at the Semis we are determined to take our place next week at Waitakere Stadium for KiwBowl XXIX.


2.00pm  SAT 6TH February – Harvey Wright Park Northcote


WILDCATS make the semis..undefeated

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For the second time in three years the WILDCATS have managed to go undefeated and this time topping the table with not a loss and a clean season record. In 2008 the WILDCATS managed all wins and a draw and this year have gone for the first time in club history a perfect regular season, all wins no draws or losses.

With 209 points scored during the regular season and an average of nearly 30 points scored per game and 34 or an average of 5 points scored against us its been a good year on both sides of the ball.

This puts the WILDCATS top of the regular season table and straight through to the Semis on 6 March with the other teams playing off for a semi spot on the week before. The WILDCATS have no time to rest and will be training Tues, Thurs and Saturdays for the next three weeks with a good training and turnout on Tuesday.

Now every win counts for nothing as we prepare to take on either the Raiders or the Lightning in the semi finals as we prepare for our goal which has always been to win Kiwi Bowl this year.

Pride play with Pride..

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WILDCATS O huddles for next play

On an overcast Saturday Morning the WILDCATS approached the last game for them in 2009 with maybe a little less urgency then they should. With QB Lewis Sinclair unavailable for the game, Niko Suaesi took the helm and familiarised himself once again with the many pressures of the QB position.

With the a near rocket start and near first pick from the first play of the day from Stanly Moala, the WILDCATS  were faced with a determined opposition that were determined to unsettle first seed in the AFA competition. With a few teething problems and the end of the first half a courageous Pride kept the WILDCATS to just one touchdown and the score being 7 to 0. A huddle at the half and a clear and determined talk by Head Coach Danny Tixier explained what we needed to do to change the second half.

The kick off ensued and after two quarters the WILDCATS had moved the score to 52 to 0. Once again DL Basil Boom Boom was in the right place at the right time and scored on an intercept taking his scoring tally in 2009 to two touchdowns. Not only that Anton “soccer”Van De Weele scored on an intercept adding to his growing tally of points scored by field goals. In the end the WILDCATS came to play and put themselves out of reach in the AFA ladder table.

We would like to thank all our supporters this year young and old and wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year. Heres to the semis in 2010. WILDCATS hey hey…ho ho.


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The Papatoetoe WILDCATS took to the field to play perennial South Auckland stalwarts the Sth Auckland Raiders. After last years semi final defeat in the rain, the WILDCATS were ready to settle the score and show who really was the powerhouse south of the Mangere Bridge.

Blow for blow the Sth Auckland Raiders through everything at the WILDCATS offence with MLB Kevin Palalagi making his presence felt. None the less the “wall of meat” was impenetrable and soon the points started amassing on the score board.

Once again Offensive Coordinator Danny Tixier let loose his simple yet effective power running game giving Guso and Mike the opportunities they needed to make the yards and step through to the end zone. D Fence were not to be left without scoring and two picks from D provided a score reflecting the work on both sides of the field. A nice touch down by TE Joseph Taula added a little more spice to the mix and the final score was 36 – 0.

The WILDCATS happy with the shutout have set the benchmark for the season. Playing not as individuals or

no you dont!

superstars we do everything as a family. All get to play and all take the field. No one better than the other. Again we would like to thank all the supporters and families that stayed back after the Juniors game to watch the Seniors solidify their place at the top of the table going into round five.

Unfortunately our Juniors went down to the Raiders who put up a valiant game and showed what can be done at the Junior level. To our boys again its work hard train hard and the rest will come. Thanks again to Coach Tyler, Coach Behlow and Coach Scanlon for their continued efforts with our Junior program. They are the WILDCATS of the future and the future of our club.

As always we want to thank the parents who without your support we would not be able to field a JUnior team each and every week. Next week the North Harbour Pride at Harvey Wright.

checkout the Article in this weeks Mankau Courier


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Well there may not have been 300 down at Mount fort Park, but by about 300 seconds into the game…Basil Boom Boom had scored his first defensive touchdown and snatched the ball from the Spartans QB running ten yards in slo mo taking the score to 6-0 in the first five minutes.

After a harrowing game for the WILDCATS Juniors, not helped by an over officious referee who decided maybe 30 flags might help the game flow…the WILDCATS Seniors were definitely ready to settle a score. With a number of the brothers in Red, now playing for the SPARTANS we knew it was going to be a good game and played in good spirits.

Mike Fepuleai and Guso at RB and FB  had a great day with Mike running the ball in for as many as five touchdowns and Guso barreling up the field either blocking for Mike or making great yards. Kicker AntonVab De Weele “socer” kicking all but one of the point afters is racking up the points as we go into the third round.  Anton has proved an invaluable kicker for the WILDCATS and brings that cultural element being the only palagi on the team. We thank him for that richness.

Phil at QB for the SPARTANS proved as elusive as ever and despite the score and a safety, was able to pass on the WILDCATS defence and score the only points for the SPARTANS that day. THE WILDCATS were able to unleash their arsenal for the day as well as a well-kept secret weapon. With the sore at close to 42 to 6, and the point after field goal team at the ready. None other than Center Jordan Scanlon, came out to kick the field goal and with a steady eye nailed the football through the posts.


The game ended like it started in good spirits and we would like to thank the team of ladies that cooked sausages and bread for the WILDCATS Juniors and supporters and Senior team. Your help is very much appreciated. The Scanlon family for the water taken care of every week and to all the parents and family that show up each week to support the club.

The WILDCATS are a family team, and we appreciate all the members of our family that help to make it work . Without you it couldnt be done.. a well done 52-6 for the Seniors and 14-26 for the Juniors. Next time Juniors we wil take it to the house..

Lightning muster to try and score against the WILDCATS

Game 2 saw the Red machine, take on the Tamaki lightning in a game that would to and from throughout a very warm day. With Danny Tixier at the helm the offense was in the mood for scoring some points. After last weeks win over the Lions 9-8, we needed to rack some up to help the top of the table which  was being crammed by at least four clubs. With Lewis Sinclair at Qb, the offense were able to keep the defense off the field for most of the first half if not the first quarter. With the score at 14 to 0, the Lightning had not yet been able to score, and the WILDCATS had run continuous reverse plays plus a sneaky fake punt to get some points on the board.

At the half time Coach Boon gave yet another unforgetful speech and put the boys in good spirits for the second half. With the Lightning receiving the ball we were set for another great half. Unfortunately the lightning got their wind up in the third quarter and were able to score twice into the same corner with short twenty yard passes. Who was that corner? So the WILDCATS did what they do well, and rallied together

Nacho libre...touchdown

together and worked the ball down field until Rookie RB,Dan Samuta aka  “Nacho Libre” was able to score. Unfortunately no one told him he just had to cross the line with the ball and in true rugby style placed the ball down for an “actual” touchdown. Good on you Dan and if we had a player of the day it would have gone to you..but at the WILDCATS we dont have player of the day because TEAM wins games and we dont have superstars or special people in our TEAM..except our beloved Coach Boon of course who is our secret half time weapon.

So the WILDCATS went down 28 to 14 and the Lightning were happy to score twice in the third quarter leaving the WILDCATS to ponder as to how they will go next week against the SPARTANS. ps. Number 66 did only hold once and the second one was a mistake by the ref that he is willing to put in writing…Gee thanks Kev! The WILDCATS Juniors won 6 to 0 shutting out the Typhoons with some questions around the officiating and the three disallowed touch downs..but het thats football.!


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First round of the year and the WILDCATS took on ole foes the METRO LIONS. With Lewis Sinclair as QB and Danny Tixier calling the shots from he sideline we knew this was going to be a tough game. Any rumours of METRO being under strength and were simply that..rumours as the showed the came to play.

With the kick off under way the WILDCATS got first possession and drove the ball down to the 10 yard line but just werent able to convert those last few inches. This would be the tale of the day with the Offence being in striking distance time and time again.

First blood went to the D Line when Emani Suaesi once did what he does well and tackled the runner behind the line to get a safety. METRO came back on and answered with a good drive and crossing the line for a touchdown and then a successful point after. For the rest of the afternoon it was blow for blow as WILDCATS O and D wrestled up and down the field. Finally QB Lewis Sinclair was able to throw a forty yard reception to WR Jermaine Mafi…now the scores were tied 8 to 8 and it was back to the beat up on the field with time running out.

D LIne in action

Finally with 1.32 left in the last quarter the O line got again within striking distance..the decision was made to kick 30 yards for the field goal and finally take the lead..the kick was successful and the rest is history. Rhys Manukau kicked it sweet and after some debate the hands went up..and we were ahead 9 to 8.

The WILDCATS wee able to work the clock down and in usual fashion didnt take the knee and ran the ball till the final whistle. We have more work to do but are on task for our goal of getting our Kiwi Bowl Trophy back…Lighning are next up and its time to turn up the heat boys.