Kiwi Bowl replay vs Metro Lions

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Latest news

D fence intercepts

The Red Army,   The Mumu Aiga, the Camaraderie de Rouge were ready to take on the Lions and prove themselves yet again as worthy of the title”Champions” though we prefer the title “family” because thats what we are at the Wildcats.

Now getting back to all things football, the Wildcats O was finding difficult to find momentum. Ten holding flags plus numerous others by the refs didnt help. And yet though there  was nothing on offense at all, defence was a different story with both teams blitzing thru. Offensively, the only excitement really came from a couple of Peter Jackson extras trying out for the Hobbit pushing each other around in the 4th quarter of the game.

Despite Metro scoring first the Wildcats D scored three times with intercepts a saftey and a return. Metro went down 18-6 to the current Kiwibowl Champions with both Teams needing to get themselves organised as the Hawks having Coach Hall back , looking to get their program back on track.


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