Kiwi Bowl XXIX here we come…

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Latest news

The WILDCATS Family..41 to 7 win

After a conscerted first quater rally from the Tamaki Lighning scoring on a nice fake field goal and pulling every trick out of the book…the WILDCATS Family stuck to the game plan and ground down the Lightning to win 41 to 7. once again the power back field of Gus and Mike ran more yards then one could count supported by the O Line “Wall of Meat”, Lewy at the helm and Danny Tixier calling the shots.

D Fence let in only one touch down and once again showed the steel and determination that have made for an undefeated regular season and semi finals. Ably lead by “tiger” Tugaga and Niko Suaesi, D fence have shown that they do win games..

Once again our support crew of the Scanlan Family doing the water as well as

O LINE block for the run

some of our Juniors and Parents were welcome noise on our sideline. We have nearly done what we set out to do with only one game in the way of our goal win Kiwi Bowl XXIX and get our trophy back. Now its just two trainings and one game away from our goal and once a family we will do the simple things well and with a sense of humility get what belongs to us.


Waitakere  Stadium

Saturday 13th February

3.o0pm kick off

  1. August says:

    Way to go Cats, awesome to see things are still going on there, and The “Family” is still #1. Keep the updates going on the site, as Danny will tell you Football here in Qld is nothing to home. Stay well, Good Luck & God Bless….Aug

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