Two games away…from Our Goal..

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Latest news

RadiO..Our Number 1 supporter

The WILDCATS set out to make good things happen this year. We had a good look at ourselves and decided to celebrate again some of the values that make us a team. SO with that in mind, we got about the task of taking our opponents with a sense of humility each week and to play like a family. These were two things that made us what we are. We are WILDCATS..We are family. We play for each other and none is more or less. What other team in the comp has the “Coach Boon” speeches at half time from our very own “Coach Boon”! We don’t have superstars in our team, just brothers and friends that play for each other. This is what it means to be a WILDCAT.

SO with that in mind, we have stepped through each week and each game and have managed to go a season undefeated. Not that that means anything now because now it is do or die. We face a determined Tamaki Lightning, who were one of the few teams able to score twice on us. We will not take them lightly and have trained well this week and hard to ensure that we approach the game this week with the right attitude. After last years debacle at the Semis we are determined to take our place next week at Waitakere Stadium for KiwBowl XXIX.


2.00pm  SAT 6TH February – Harvey Wright Park Northcote


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