WILDCATS make the semis..undefeated

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Latest news


For the second time in three years the WILDCATS have managed to go undefeated and this time topping the table with not a loss and a clean season record. In 2008 the WILDCATS managed all wins and a draw and this year have gone for the first time in club history a perfect regular season, all wins no draws or losses.

With 209 points scored during the regular season and an average of nearly 30 points scored per game and 34 or an average of 5 points scored against us its been a good year on both sides of the ball.

This puts the WILDCATS top of the regular season table and straight through to the Semis on 6 March with the other teams playing off for a semi spot on the week before. The WILDCATS have no time to rest and will be training Tues, Thurs and Saturdays for the next three weeks with a good training and turnout on Tuesday.

Now every win counts for nothing as we prepare to take on either the Raiders or the Lightning in the semi finals as we prepare for our goal which has always been to win Kiwi Bowl this year.


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