Pride play with Pride..

Posted: December 29, 2009 in Latest news

WILDCATS O huddles for next play

On an overcast Saturday Morning the WILDCATS approached the last game for them in 2009 with maybe a little less urgency then they should. With QB Lewis Sinclair unavailable for the game, Niko Suaesi took the helm and familiarised himself once again with the many pressures of the QB position.

With the a near rocket start and near first pick from the first play of the day from Stanly Moala, the WILDCATS  were faced with a determined opposition that were determined to unsettle first seed in the AFA competition. With a few teething problems and the end of the first half a courageous Pride kept the WILDCATS to just one touchdown and the score being 7 to 0. A huddle at the half and a clear and determined talk by Head Coach Danny Tixier explained what we needed to do to change the second half.

The kick off ensued and after two quarters the WILDCATS had moved the score to 52 to 0. Once again DL Basil Boom Boom was in the right place at the right time and scored on an intercept taking his scoring tally in 2009 to two touchdowns. Not only that Anton “soccer”Van De Weele scored on an intercept adding to his growing tally of points scored by field goals. In the end the WILDCATS came to play and put themselves out of reach in the AFA ladder table.

We would like to thank all our supporters this year young and old and wish everyone a happy Christmas and New Year. Heres to the semis in 2010. WILDCATS hey hey…ho ho.


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