Posted: December 1, 2009 in Latest news


Well there may not have been 300 down at Mount fort Park, but by about 300 seconds into the game…Basil Boom Boom had scored his first defensive touchdown and snatched the ball from the Spartans QB running ten yards in slo mo taking the score to 6-0 in the first five minutes.

After a harrowing game for the WILDCATS Juniors, not helped by an over officious referee who decided maybe 30 flags might help the game flow…the WILDCATS Seniors were definitely ready to settle a score. With a number of the brothers in Red, now playing for the SPARTANS we knew it was going to be a good game and played in good spirits.

Mike Fepuleai and Guso at RB and FB  had a great day with Mike running the ball in for as many as five touchdowns and Guso barreling up the field either blocking for Mike or making great yards. Kicker AntonVab De Weele “socer” kicking all but one of the point afters is racking up the points as we go into the third round.  Anton has proved an invaluable kicker for the WILDCATS and brings that cultural element being the only palagi on the team. We thank him for that richness.

Phil at QB for the SPARTANS proved as elusive as ever and despite the score and a safety, was able to pass on the WILDCATS defence and score the only points for the SPARTANS that day. THE WILDCATS were able to unleash their arsenal for the day as well as a well-kept secret weapon. With the sore at close to 42 to 6, and the point after field goal team at the ready. None other than Center Jordan Scanlon, came out to kick the field goal and with a steady eye nailed the football through the posts.


The game ended like it started in good spirits and we would like to thank the team of ladies that cooked sausages and bread for the WILDCATS Juniors and supporters and Senior team. Your help is very much appreciated. The Scanlon family for the water taken care of every week and to all the parents and family that show up each week to support the club.

The WILDCATS are a family team, and we appreciate all the members of our family that help to make it work . Without you it couldnt be done.. a well done 52-6 for the Seniors and 14-26 for the Juniors. Next time Juniors we wil take it to the house..


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