LIGHTNING STRIKES in the third quarter.

Posted: December 1, 2009 in Latest news

Lightning muster to try and score against the WILDCATS

Game 2 saw the Red machine, take on the Tamaki lightning in a game that would to and from throughout a very warm day. With Danny Tixier at the helm the offense was in the mood for scoring some points. After last weeks win over the Lions 9-8, we needed to rack some up to help the top of the table which  was being crammed by at least four clubs. With Lewis Sinclair at Qb, the offense were able to keep the defense off the field for most of the first half if not the first quarter. With the score at 14 to 0, the Lightning had not yet been able to score, and the WILDCATS had run continuous reverse plays plus a sneaky fake punt to get some points on the board.

At the half time Coach Boon gave yet another unforgetful speech and put the boys in good spirits for the second half. With the Lightning receiving the ball we were set for another great half. Unfortunately the lightning got their wind up in the third quarter and were able to score twice into the same corner with short twenty yard passes. Who was that corner? So the WILDCATS did what they do well, and rallied together

Nacho libre...touchdown

together and worked the ball down field until Rookie RB,Dan Samuta aka  “Nacho Libre” was able to score. Unfortunately no one told him he just had to cross the line with the ball and in true rugby style placed the ball down for an “actual” touchdown. Good on you Dan and if we had a player of the day it would have gone to you..but at the WILDCATS we dont have player of the day because TEAM wins games and we dont have superstars or special people in our TEAM..except our beloved Coach Boon of course who is our secret half time weapon.

So the WILDCATS went down 28 to 14 and the Lightning were happy to score twice in the third quarter leaving the WILDCATS to ponder as to how they will go next week against the SPARTANS. ps. Number 66 did only hold once and the second one was a mistake by the ref that he is willing to put in writing…Gee thanks Kev! The WILDCATS Juniors won 6 to 0 shutting out the Typhoons with some questions around the officiating and the three disallowed touch downs..but het thats football.!


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