Posted: November 19, 2009 in Latest news


First round of the year and the WILDCATS took on ole foes the METRO LIONS. With Lewis Sinclair as QB and Danny Tixier calling the shots from he sideline we knew this was going to be a tough game. Any rumours of METRO being under strength and were simply that..rumours as the showed the came to play.

With the kick off under way the WILDCATS got first possession and drove the ball down to the 10 yard line but just werent able to convert those last few inches. This would be the tale of the day with the Offence being in striking distance time and time again.

First blood went to the D Line when Emani Suaesi once did what he does well and tackled the runner behind the line to get a safety. METRO came back on and answered with a good drive and crossing the line for a touchdown and then a successful point after. For the rest of the afternoon it was blow for blow as WILDCATS O and D wrestled up and down the field. Finally QB Lewis Sinclair was able to throw a forty yard reception to WR Jermaine Mafi…now the scores were tied 8 to 8 and it was back to the beat up on the field with time running out.

D LIne in action

Finally with 1.32 left in the last quarter the O line got again within striking distance..the decision was made to kick 30 yards for the field goal and finally take the lead..the kick was successful and the rest is history. Rhys Manukau kicked it sweet and after some debate the hands went up..and we were ahead 9 to 8.

The WILDCATS wee able to work the clock down and in usual fashion didnt take the knee and ran the ball till the final whistle. We have more work to do but are on task for our goal of getting our Kiwi Bowl Trophy back…Lighning are next up and its time to turn up the heat boys.

  1. Bullrush says:

    Nice work Lewis!!

    Missing the Wildcats hard this year boys – make it a good year!

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