OVERSTAYERS down but not OUT

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Latest news


The New Zealand Overstayers were beaten yesterday  but the name and image of American football played in New Zealand in the USA was definitly a winner. Only 13 players could eventually take the trip with a number hit by the recessions effects and job commitments. Nonetheless the dirty dozen plus one, took to the field and at the end of the first quarter were down only 7 to 0. With fresh legs the Milwaukee IRON were able to monopolise on a tiring Overstayers and the score at the half was only 27 to o. with 13 Overstayers playing a squad of 30 players eventually they got the upper hand and won 60 to 0.

Commentary through the game eluded to the fact that these guys traveled half way across the world and paid out of their own pockets, to play the game they love. American Football. From the starting New Zealand anthem sung by 10 year old Te Aorere Vaka, to the rousing Haka, and combined team huddle and prayer at the end of the game;American Football proved to be the winner.

We salute the boys that went over and played with all they could and managed to reduce the deficit from the last game by more then 30 points. The Overstayers will travel again next year if invited and as always will look to take the best team possible and cause the upset of the century, when a group of guys that play because they love this game, travel to the USA and beat or come very close to beating a US team on US soil.

We wish the boys well, Joseph Taula (Stockton Lightning), Albert Bernard (Iowa Barnstormers) and Andrew Asaua(Central Valley Coyotes) as they go off to their respective Arena2 teams to play another season and thank Mr Jerry Kurz for establishing this working relationship with New Zealand and Jason and Toiana Vaka as AF2 agents for doing the work behind the scenes and making this event happen.

PS: To Coach Perry Giardini – Will see you in July..

  1. Jake says:

    honest to who that the overstayers only had 13 players… i wouldn’t mind playing for yous
    win or loose you guys did well

    i hope the overstayers haka video is posted on youtube and some game footage

  2. NZ Overstayers says:


    email me on arenafootballnz@gmail.com if you are interested in joining our tour next year.

    Below is the link where you can download and watch our game online
    also you will be able to watch the 2009 season and re runs of the 2008 season.


  3. Jon Kurozawa says:

    Kudos for the 13 men that made the trip here to Milwaukee. Despite the score, they represented New Zealand very well.
    Te Aorere Vaka was amazing doing the anthem (my son was on field with her presenting the New Zealand flag)

  4. Jake says:

    Thanks NZ Overstayers…

    I be interested and i just sent a email to you

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