Posted: February 15, 2009 in Old news


New Zealand Arena Football agent Jason Vaka, who has played a number of seasons in AF2 has secured a game against the MILWAUKEE IRON AF2 expansion team. Fifteen players have been invited to join the “OVERSTAYERS” as they make their third trip to the USA to play exhibition games. No less then five WILDCATS will be joining the team and making the trip over in the beginning of March.

Samoan NZ hip hop star KING KAPISI, designed a clothing label called Overstayers, and when the team first traveled to the US, he was a big supporter of the team and the name was decided. It was also a way of reclaiming a derogatory term often used by others to describe Pacific people that had migrated to New Zealand. Now its the proud name of an Arena Football team that is and has always been 100% Polynesian and proud of it.

Here are the details of the game and times and place. The OVERSTAYERS are currently in training as well as finishing off the end of a longer regular season of football. The boys ably lead by WILDCATS QB Joseph Toilolo and AF2 Agent Jason Vaka will be looking to give the MILWAUKEE IRON a real taste of Polynesian Football.

  1. jakep16 says:

    i didnt know nz had a national arena football team
    dats a cool team name

    thats a 1st time since da new zealand haka (now ironblacks) i see a football team wasnt nick name a color like all blacks, all white or ironblacks

    hope you guys do well and kick butt 😀

  2. Johnny H says:

    NZ Haka was an awesome name!!!!

  3. Hi there, Geoff Andrews here. I am Regional Manager North America for Kea New Zealand based here in NYC. We have 5000 members of Kea (Kiwi Expatriates Abroad) in North America and would love to help promote the Overstayers. Please contact me if I can help in any way. Cheers

  4. jakep16 says:

    hard out haka was an awesome name i miss dat name

    i hope they dont change da arena team… overstayers is an awesome name
    has meaning to it too mostly pacific islanders

    i still remember when i was playing for nz haka colts and da team went 2 down under bowl at Aus i was da youngest in dat team…

  5. Jon Kurozawa says:

    Greetings from Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA
    Was wondering if you know if the New Zealand Overstayers have a website or contact information.
    I was at the AF2 exhibition between the Overstayers and =the Milwaukee Iron and wanted to get in touch with the coach and a couple of players

    Despite the loss, the Overstayers did an amazing job representing New Zealand

    Thank you

  6. NZ Overstayers says:

    call me on 262 309 8449


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