Posted: December 24, 2008 in Latest news
Tyler in Britbwol 2008

Tyler in Britbowl 2008

There are currently five British players from the BAFL that are now playing on NFL practise squads. They are:

Marvin Allen – Pittsburgh Steelers

Shaun Smith – Carolina Panthers

Jason Brisbane – San Diego Chargers

Aden Durde – K C Cheifs

Jermain Allen – New Orleans Saints

Tyler Matia has managed to make his way through the first camp and has been invited to the NFL International players camp in Spain early 2009. Tyler has spent 2006 in the UK playing for the Cassidy Jets, and 2007 again away from home and playing this time for the AF2 team the Rio Grand Valley Dorados. Tyler is currently in the UK playing for the Cassidy Jets in the BAFL final two weeks ago and has just returned from a football game In Austria Germany where players are scouted for the semi pro German teams.

His dedication and commitment to his sport has meant he has now been invited to the second camp and be the first player from New Zealand since Dave Dixon from the VIKINGS to play any where near the NFL . The journey is a long and slow one but Tyler is not on his own. Two Kiwis living in England and former Coventry Jets , Johhny and Lester Hopewell are with him helping him on his path.

  1. Awesome work Tyler, do all of New Zealand football proud!!!

  2. August says:

    Tyler keep on keeping on, you have worked so very hard and given so much. I’m sure everyone that knows you will agree that not only are you a tough opponent on the feild you are a great young man off it and dare I say a role model for young people. Showing that with hard work and commitment you can reach your goals….take care…

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