Wildcats Colts start well..

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Latest news

Qb Vince Richard Mehana

With Qb Vince Richard Mehana at the helm the WILDCATS Colts started the season well with a convincing win over the Spartans 10 to 2. With the likes of “Big Country” and Ken back from the Juniors , Colts was definitly taking it up another level.

Week two saw the Colts face a seasoned Metro team who played a hard D against our offence but were unable to stop Ken nd Vince and the O Line from scoring 14 points to 8. Two wins on the hop and the confidence levels were high as we faced a defeated Lightning the following week who were yet to win a game.

O on the run again

O on the run again

And as the ole adage goes, never underestimate your enemy, theWildcats colts soon found out why. Though up beat the Wildcats O struggled to complete downs with continued fumbles and dropped balls. Mean while a besieged Lightning were ready to prove themselves on their home ground and found our defensive backs wanting time and time again. Frustrated and scoreless it would be our D that scored any points forcing a safety, while the Lightning put on a healthy 28 points. Much humble pie was left on the ground and the wildcats would go away with much to do and plan for the coming week. Though down we were definitley not out and this week we will reclaim our pride of place at the top of the table.


Kiwi Bowl replay vs Metro Lions

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Latest news

D fence intercepts

The Red Army,   The Mumu Aiga, the Camaraderie de Rouge were ready to take on the Lions and prove themselves yet again as worthy of the title”Champions” though we prefer the title “family” because thats what we are at the Wildcats.

Now getting back to all things football, the Wildcats O was finding difficult to find momentum. Ten holding flags plus numerous others by the refs didnt help. And yet though there  was nothing on offense at all, defence was a different story with both teams blitzing thru. Offensively, the only excitement really came from a couple of Peter Jackson extras trying out for the Hobbit pushing each other around in the 4th quarter of the game.

Despite Metro scoring first the Wildcats D scored three times with intercepts a saftey and a return. Metro went down 18-6 to the current Kiwibowl Champions with both Teams needing to get themselves organised as the Hawks having Coach Hall back , looking to get their program back on track.

2010 Season begins

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Latest news

The Red Wall of Meat

The defending Kiwi Bowl Champions season 2010 finally kicked off at Bay Roskill and apart from one or two glitches along the way the day at Bay Roskill was a real good one with Teams performing very well, considering it is the very first game of the season.

The Spartan Seniors played the Wildcats, with the Red Army going away with the win at 69-0. The Spartans had a lot of Lineman and it looked as though their “Skilled Players” must of missed the bus to Blockhouse Bay. The Wildcats relied a lot on their Running Back Jerry Key who scored something like 5 Touchdowns against a very tired Spartans Defense.

All and all it was a good first outing by the Wildcats with plenty of rookies getting a chance to cut their teeth in what will be another hard played season.


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Hi GUYS after a long wait and a few hiccups we finally have prize giving set for the following date and time

WHERE: PAPATOETOE TUI CLUBROOM -183 Great South Road Manukau City

WHEN: Papatoetoe 7pm till late

TIME: Saturday 1st may 2010

COST: $20 per player – food to be provided by team

We are going to need everyone to bring a hot plate for our meal this year guys. So NO chips or biscuits please unless thats all you want to eat. there will be a TAB on the bar so be early before its all gone..Prizes include

O LINEMAN of the year

O BACK FIELD of the year

MVP of the year

Most Improved of the Year

D LINEMAN of the year

D BACK FIELD of the year

SUPPORTER of the year

To name a few of what we have in store. So let everyone know when and where and see you saturday.

Team photos will be available for 24 Dollars on the night as a well as a few CHEIFS photos. Thanks to those that have ordered already and paid.

Prayer after the game

We set about to win a championship..and win a championship we did. We made WILDCATS history by going the whole season, regular, semis and final without being beaten and did it like we have done everything else..like a family.

Meeting game day morning the boys were all in good spirits, confident we could do the job and humble enough to know the show aint over till the final whistle. Dressed in lavalava we made our way to the grounds with a line of cars fifteen deep making its way to the stadium.

Settled in we got into the changing rooms and prepared for the game ahead. Warm ups on the field then each of us were called out by the announcer..taking just a 5 yard step then waiting till the whole team was called out then we walked as a team together to the 50 yard line.

Offence strike

Wildcats won the toss and we chose to get our Offence on the field first. With an awesome first drive we managed to get down to the goal line..and then touchdown…it was a battle in the trenches and despite a concerted effort from the METRO defence keeping it to 6-0 at the half…we were able to keep pounding the running game and finish winning 22-0. Defence for the WILDCATS was on fire and Metro’s run and pass were ably shut down by an on fire D Line and back field.

D Fence on the attack

Again and agin our defence were able to stop the Lions from making a first down, and their return gave us good field position time and time again.

In the end the WILDCATS achieved what they set out to do. To overturn a semi final defeat last year and go back to the basics. To play together with a real sense of team pride and family like never before. To stamp out “superstars” mentality and to do what we do with a real sense of humility. Knowing that we stand on others shoulders and wouldn’t have what we have without those that have gone before us.

Without the support we have had by the following people none of this would have been possible:

  • Mrs Gailen Thew and Pastor Bob
  • Coach Tyler, Coach Scanlon, Coach Behlow
  • “Big Country” and Family
  • The Scanlan Family
  • Papatoetoe Rugby
  • The Players Wives and Partners (and friends)
  • Coach Danny Tixier
  • and the 2010 WILDCATS

Now for our post season and preparing for that. Thank you to everyone that


journeyed with us and made this year a possibility. It is often said it is the journey and never the destination that is the goal…for us this has been true. Winning Kiwi Bowl XIX has been fantastic for the club..playing alongside our brothers this year..Coach Boons speeches…Radios flag Flying and each weeks games and trainings have forged for us the real reward and memories that will last a lifetime.




Come join with us…

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The 2010 Papatoetoe WILDCATS would like to invite all and everyone who has been involved or supported the Club over the past 25 years to join with us as we take on the METRO LIONS  tommorow. Without those that have gone before us we would never have the opportunity we have to day and to make club history by completeing a whole season undefeated.




Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

WILDCATS – Hey Hey..Ho Ho..Make Like a tree………..

Kiwi Bowl XXIX here we come…

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Latest news

The WILDCATS Family..41 to 7 win

After a conscerted first quater rally from the Tamaki Lighning scoring on a nice fake field goal and pulling every trick out of the book…the WILDCATS Family stuck to the game plan and ground down the Lightning to win 41 to 7. once again the power back field of Gus and Mike ran more yards then one could count supported by the O Line “Wall of Meat”, Lewy at the helm and Danny Tixier calling the shots.

D Fence let in only one touch down and once again showed the steel and determination that have made for an undefeated regular season and semi finals. Ably lead by “tiger” Tugaga and Niko Suaesi, D fence have shown that they do win games..

Once again our support crew of the Scanlan Family doing the water as well as

O LINE block for the run

some of our Juniors and Parents were welcome noise on our sideline. We have nearly done what we set out to do with only one game in the way of our goal ..to win Kiwi Bowl XXIX and get our trophy back. Now its just two trainings and one game away from our goal and once again..as a family we will do the simple things well and with a sense of humility get what belongs to us.


Waitakere  Stadium

Saturday 13th February

3.o0pm kick off